Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4c The Power event at Garvey Middle School

Working with children has always been a passion of mine. Whenever I get a chance to do so, I try my best to jump on the opportunity immediately. Recently, Ive had many chances to work with children through a great company called 4cthpower.

4cthepower is a company with one purpose: keeping kids away from drugs and gangs by giving them an outlet through which they can channel their creative energy. They've helped to raise money for countless schools through a variety of programs and workshops. Ive been fortunate to work with them on a number of occasions at various schools. The wokshops encompass everything from Hip-hop and R&B to spoken word and photography.

The world champion Gamblerz Crew, FM, AJ Rafael, and Vudoo Soul are just some of the artist who have contributed their time and talents to be mentors to aspiring student. Here a link to some pictures from the last event...


For more information on 4cthepower visit 4cthpower.com

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