Tuesday, March 2, 2010

IZ's Prison Blog Entry 6: My situation at Wasco State Prison

My situation at Wasco

So here I am at WASCO state prison, and just like in the county, I’ve been housed in a 2 man cell. There’s one main difference here though, it’s 24 hour lockdown. You only get to come out of your cell once every few days for a 10 minute shower, if that. The C.O.’s will look for any reason to deny you showers because it’s more work for them. The C.O.s didn’t do a damn thing on the day of the Super Bowl as if Super Bowl Sunday was some sort of national holiday or something, bunch of fatasses! Or, portly gentlemen to be socially sensitive.

What makes things even worse, there are no phones at reception, and mail can take weeks. So they take you 15 minutes past butt-fucking Egypt, throw you in a cell designed for midgets , don’t allow you any phone calls, and give you absolutely no priveleges...I was here for close to a month before I heard from anyone...It’s almost impossible to get paper in here so I coudn’t write blogs or songs...All I can say is that it’s a stressful situation...

The degree of lethargy of the employees here at Wasco is ridiculous, or preposterous to be more precise...The policy is to get inmates processed to mainline prison within 60-90 days but that rarely happens. It usually takes 90 days to a year. can you imagine not being able to speak to anyone outside the jail for a year or more? Another thing that’s pretty laughable at this institution, if it can be called that, is the visiting process...You have to send out a visiting questionnaire to the person you want to visit, they then have to send it back to get approval. Once they’ve been approved, you have to send the approval notice back to that person and then they can finally visit. That takes about a couple months at best because it takes more than a week for mail to come or go. When the questionnaire finally comes back for approval, you have to wait until the staff of Snickers-eating fatasses in the mailroom get around to it. The average waiting time just for approval is about 45days. There’s an obvious question that arises out of this: If the whole process takes about 90 days, and they're supposed to get us to mainline prison within 60-90, when the fuck do i get my visit? I’m no mathematician but something about that equation is ERRR, FUCKED UP!!!

One of the inmates here named "Tank" had a problem with the visiting office "losing" his wife’s applications...They were apparently "nowhere to be found". That is until she personally went to the visiting office and found her applications within a matter of minutes, all 3 of them!!! According to Tank’s wife, there are 100’s of applications collecting dust in the office. Many of which will probably be "lost" within the next few days as well...that is of course until someone decides to look...

Sidenote: The starting pay of a state prison C.O. is about $35,000 .

Requirements are a G.E.D. and citizenship...tax money well spent :P

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