Saturday, June 20, 2009

IZ's first ever live interview!!!

Sup everyone... Just wanted to do a quick post about and upcoming interview i have with FRA (Future Rockstars of America)... For those of u who dont know what FRA is, youve definitely been sleeping or been smokin too much of that good stuff becuz youre definitely out the loop...

FRA is an amazing company thats been working behind the scenes in the music world, especially in the Asian community. They've worked with artists such as FM and The Stereotypes and are constantly on the scene at every and any notable event catching footage, doing interviews, and promoting the asian american movement... It has been a true blessing working with them and it is my pleasure that I can announce my official return to the music game through this interview with FRA... Hope to C U there...



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"I Party hits 100,000 plays!!!

Much luv and thanks to everyone that supported!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Im officially back and i brought some friends with me!!!

Damn, it feels great to be back!!! It seems like Ive been gone forever... All the drama is yesterdays news... Im back in full effect and Im bringin the army with me!!!
First things first, "Roll Wit a Gangsta" is being pushed back... but only because we've added new production AND its being mixed by a master... Steve B of 50 cent, The Game, Young Buck etc. fame... So be ready, we dont half ass shit around here...
On the other hand, you know I aint gonna leave you hangin... I got a new single out right now with FM and DBTonik called "I Party" off the Animal album... You can peep it at If youre feelin it, let everyone in the hood know and spread the word... IZ is back muthafuckas... We tryin to hit 100,000 plays by the weekend...
Told you I wasnt fucking around!


ps... if you havent already done so, get on facebook group IZREAL Rap and twitter: IZREAL66