Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Behind the scenes "Never Fall 2010"

Grinch Green decided to join the free world again… I found this out about an hour ago when he FB messaged me looking like Fu Man Chu (or a lil Saigon gangster) and told me about his 52-day adventure in the Twin Towers county jail… He got sentenced to 180 days because of good-old wacky tobacky. I cant believe that they are still sending grown ass men to jail over weed… ridiculous. Anyways, medical marijuana politics aside, we are finally a trio of Ish-talkers again and this comes without a moment to spare. We’re closing in on Christmas and I think another episode of TALKINISH is long overdue… So let’s do it right! The next episode of TALKINISH will be aired in front of a live audience at cafe Bleu on Dec.8. It will be open to anyone over the age of 21 so feel free to come party with us… On that day, I will also be releasing my first ever music video “Never Fall 2010.” The special guests who appear in my music video will also be the guests/musical acts for that night as well which include: Cuzzy Capone(The Slauson Boyz), Ben Baller, Lisa Kim Fleming, and Alexia Lei… So spread the word: TALKINISH is back!!! Hope everyone can come and join us that night… -IZ PS… here are some looks at “Never Fall 2010:”

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TALKINISH with Lisa Kim Fleming

We interviewed superhot model Lisa Kim Fleming for the second episode of TALKINISH!


Click the pic to watch!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TALKIN*ISH with musical guest Dumbfoundead

What it IZ everyone?! If ya'll havent been checkin out the new show TALKIN*ISH on you guys are definitely missing out...
Last week we had Swim Team's freestyle extraordinaire Dumbfoundead on the show and needless to say it was dope... He told us how he got started in the rap game and how long he's been in it, and lemme tell you something... Homeboy has been grinding!!! Respect due!!! If youve never heard of Dumbfoundead or his music, check out his myspace page at or you can check out this youtube clip from the TALKIN*ISH show including yours truly spittin with the LA mc:
Be sure to tune in to the next one on tues August 4th... Guests to be announced!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The FRA interview was off the hook! From Danny Cho's chest getting waxed to all the crazy questions from the viewers, it was an all-around good time... Much luv goes out to the Fra family, Danny Cho, Grinch Green, DJ Zo and everyone who contributed... if u havent had a chance to check out the interview, watch it at Hollas...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

IZ's first ever live interview!!!

Sup everyone... Just wanted to do a quick post about and upcoming interview i have with FRA (Future Rockstars of America)... For those of u who dont know what FRA is, youve definitely been sleeping or been smokin too much of that good stuff becuz youre definitely out the loop...

FRA is an amazing company thats been working behind the scenes in the music world, especially in the Asian community. They've worked with artists such as FM and The Stereotypes and are constantly on the scene at every and any notable event catching footage, doing interviews, and promoting the asian american movement... It has been a true blessing working with them and it is my pleasure that I can announce my official return to the music game through this interview with FRA... Hope to C U there...



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"I Party hits 100,000 plays!!!

Much luv and thanks to everyone that supported!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Im officially back and i brought some friends with me!!!

Damn, it feels great to be back!!! It seems like Ive been gone forever... All the drama is yesterdays news... Im back in full effect and Im bringin the army with me!!!
First things first, "Roll Wit a Gangsta" is being pushed back... but only because we've added new production AND its being mixed by a master... Steve B of 50 cent, The Game, Young Buck etc. fame... So be ready, we dont half ass shit around here...
On the other hand, you know I aint gonna leave you hangin... I got a new single out right now with FM and DBTonik called "I Party" off the Animal album... You can peep it at If youre feelin it, let everyone in the hood know and spread the word... IZ is back muthafuckas... We tryin to hit 100,000 plays by the weekend...
Told you I wasnt fucking around!


ps... if you havent already done so, get on facebook group IZREAL Rap and twitter: IZREAL66

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One of the Worst Weeks Ever...

This last week has been a crazy one... I lost a sister to God, I lost a brother to jail, and my insanity to this drama we call "life."
I apologize to anyone who anticipated and checked for the release of the new single "Roll Wit a Gangsta." Ive been eagerly waiting and preparing nearly five months to get back on the scene and release new music... It was heartbreaking to reach that moment just to be sidetracked by tragedy...
No matter how hard I tried, I couldnt muster the strength to focus on music and give the release of the new single the attention it needed... I will, however, be back sometime next week, and Im bringin the army with me... Until then, head high, shoulders wide... peace...


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2008 Prison Blogs

I will be posting the blogs that i handwrote from prison last year in chronological order, right here, starting next week...


About my older pics

A lot of people have asked me why i didnt show my face in pictures before... hmmm... the best way to say it is that Ive always disagreed with the way the music industry works, and the way that it is has deteriorated over time, especially hip hop...

Music should never be about an image... it should be more than that... IT IS more than that... music should be self explanatory.... it should tell its own story... not be driven by a bunch of paper-pushers that decide how, who, what it should be, or who should listen to it... Furthermore, who should buy it... The face, or the person should never be more, or be seen as more important than the songs themselves... A poignant and honest message can do so much more...

The song "Imagine" by The Beatles does not move me because women in America thought The Beatles were "hot" so many years ago when the song was released... I could care less... I wasnt even alive at the time... It moves me because of the words behind it... because of the emotion I feel when listening to it, or that THEY felt while performing it... but more than anything, it is the state of society, the beauty of the human mind which creates such grandiose dreams that truly moves my heart and fills it with joy... but equal sadness... maybe thats why true artists always seem to be leaving us so early in their lives: There is no autonomy in music today... even the ones who claim to be autonomous seem to be the most hypocritical... criticizing the likes and dislikes of the masses because of their own shortcomings as musicians...

What the hell happened to real artists? Im sorry that this blog is so long... I often say that anything that cant be exlained quickly is not worth talking about... wow... payback is a bitch aint it?! I guess I'm also a victim of my own shortcomings... Hey, maybe thats why I rap in the first place...

Regardless, Im gonna say what I feel and believe... if you dont like it.......................................... FUCK YOU!!!




This is my first post, and all I can, or want to say is this: thank you to all the people who have been so supportive of me... All I can do now is promise to give it my best effort and come from the heart every time... All I can do is be honest about my life and the way I feel... I thank everyone who has given me a chance...


2009 Letz Do It Right!!!

2009 - Let's do it Right!
What it IZ folk?!
Damn, its been a while since ive made any public statements and i apologize for that... Many of you might be wondering why I took down all of the songs and blacked-out the background... Ive received numerous messages asking about my "Gone for a Minute" status and I'd like to take this time to clear the air and put any concerns to rest... No, Im not in prison!!! haha, there it is... The reason that i took down the old material is simple... it's old material.
It's 2009, a new year and time for that new shit! Im preparing a lot of new things for this year and the mission is to keep it fresh... To keep things moving forward, never backward...Since the release of "On My Feet" in April of 2007, (the first song I released publicly,) I've had so many different experiences and have met so many interesting people... All of this was new to me, and I can easily say that Ive loved every minute of it... I love rap and I love that you have experienced this with me... it's been incredible to say the least... Furthermore, I cannot begin to express my gratitude to those who kept faith in me and encouraged me along the way... Especially those whose prayers and letters kept me strong while i was upstate... I hope to one day return that favor...Until then, be reassured that I'm staying on ma grind... It wont be long before Im back in full effect wit dat new-new shit for 2009... Happy New Year! to all my OG's, homies, and youngstars... 2009 baby, Let's do it Right!