Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Behind the scenes "Never Fall 2010"

Grinch Green decided to join the free world again… I found this out about an hour ago when he FB messaged me looking like Fu Man Chu (or a lil Saigon gangster) and told me about his 52-day adventure in the Twin Towers county jail… He got sentenced to 180 days because of good-old wacky tobacky. I cant believe that they are still sending grown ass men to jail over weed… ridiculous. Anyways, medical marijuana politics aside, we are finally a trio of Ish-talkers again and this comes without a moment to spare. We’re closing in on Christmas and I think another episode of TALKINISH is long overdue… So let’s do it right! The next episode of TALKINISH will be aired in front of a live audience at cafe Bleu on Dec.8. It will be open to anyone over the age of 21 so feel free to come party with us… On that day, I will also be releasing my first ever music video “Never Fall 2010.” The special guests who appear in my music video will also be the guests/musical acts for that night as well which include: Cuzzy Capone(The Slauson Boyz), Ben Baller, Lisa Kim Fleming, and Alexia Lei… So spread the word: TALKINISH is back!!! Hope everyone can come and join us that night… -IZ PS… here are some looks at “Never Fall 2010:”

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TALKINISH with Lisa Kim Fleming

We interviewed superhot model Lisa Kim Fleming for the second episode of TALKINISH!


Click the pic to watch!