Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New year, new moves, new company

Damn, shits been crazy last few weeks to say the least... When I said 2010 was gonna be great, I had no idea how great... So much to tell, so little time...

First, let me start off by congratulating my homeboys for finally getting what theyve always deserved: A major deal and everything that comes with it... Far*East Movement is officially signed to Cherrytree/Interscope records! That shit is huge! I dont know anyone who deserves it more. Im happy for you brothers, but truthfully, I knew it was gonna happen... Ya'll are way too driven not to get a deal, you woulda made it happen one way or another...

Someone else is getting signed too... Some guy named IZ... mighta heard a him... haha... Yup, ya boy (not "We Run LA" ya boy, the other ya boy i.e. me) is getting signed to a brand new independent label called 454 Ent... and believe me when I say this shit is real... Too real that even Im having a hard time believing... It seems my life is caught is some kinda whirlwind. Shit is happening so fast... ya boy (yes, the other one) aint had a chance to breathe in weeks... I've seen things I never dreamed I'd see in my lifetime... and believe me, I dream some pretty big things.

To give you an example, just the other day I sat with the CEO of my company on a board meeting where they discussed the structure of the new company... Picture this: 6 wealthy white guys, (the type that sign The Rolling Stones' checks wealthy), employed by one Asian guy whose falling asleep because no ones paying him to listen are talking about how theyre going to take everyones money all over the world... Through movies, music, trickery, that sorta thing... Im talking billions of dollars... and my big homie/future boss is still sleeping kinda as if to say: "If I knew or cared what they were talking about I wouldnt have to pay them to do it"... After about 20 minutes I have a pretty good idea about the company and where its going: up. Im talking guys with medium length, flowing white hair and British accents "up"... And my big bro employs all of them... He's definitely doing it... big... These things I never dreamed of seeing...

When I started rapping, I was confident that I would be successful, if only because i knew i wouldnt take no for an answer... I knew I would do whatever it took to make it... but "making it" in my eyes was not easily definable... "Making it" meant a lot of things. Getting signed was "making it," Having a hit album/single was "making it," helping my people move forward in the entertainment industry was "making it." Any of these things would have brought me satisfaction, would have given me a sense of accomplishment... It never even crossed my mind that I would seeing and working first-hand with someone who is really on top of everything looking down. In other words, the guy that signs the checks... The feeling is absolutely incredible and I feel blessed... I give thanks to God... "God, Im not sure if I deserve this but... Im definitely gonna run with it!!!"

Ill tell you more soon!


  1. Congratulations, IZ! Definitely well deserved! :) Looking forward to see what other amazing things will happen for you in 2010!

  2. Big bro you deserve the best !! keep it comin non-stop !