Thursday, January 28, 2010

IZ's 2008 prison blog entry 3: The County Lockup: Dicks and Politics

The County Lockup: Dicks and Politics

Let me take a moment to clear some things up for those reading this blog...The intent of this blog is mainly to satisfy your curiosities about jail life and also to keep me from being bored to death in here...There is, however coincidentally, another by-product which arises out of my ranting which is far more important than just entertainment or simply killing time. This blog sheds light, albeit accidentally, on issues concerning the public jail system including but not limited to: overcrowding, lack of funding for programs as well as food and the inhumane / unlawful treatment of inmates...

Over the course of my first few days in jail, I've seen multiple instances of police brutality which were completly un-called for, nor were they investigated....I've seen inmates verbally abused and kicked around like dogs amidst racial slurs and disparaging comments. These issues must be addressed...

Decades ago in Orange County Main Jail, the staff began to permanently house inmates in a section of the facility called the IRC...The purpose of the IRC was to hold incoming and outgoing inmates until they had been classified and were ready to be moved into regular housing or be released. The IRC is a 22 hour lockdown facility which was never inteded to house inmates for an extended period of time. I once did 15 months straight in the IRC. The holding tanks then took the place of the IRC even though they are not supplied with any hygiene items such as soap or toothpaste. Requests for toilet paper are often ignored for hours by the Correctional Officers...This is not what the holding tanks were inteded for, the IRC was. Hence the acronym: IRC (INTAKE / RELEASE CENTER...)

In all fairness, I must concede that there are still good cops (I say that with extreme discretion). They do exist and it is unfair that the ones who serve with honesty and integrity should have their images tarnished by those who choose to abuse the power given to them BY THE PEOPLE. Some take their jobs much too seriously, and others dont take their vows of service seriously enough. It is a tragedy that in my personal observations, I see a tendancy towards vice and corruption among C.O.'s compared to a dwindlng number of those who do their jobs professionally without prejudice.

In short, jail SUX! To any students reading this: don't come to jail because it is equivalent to the longest detention you will ever serve...I was probably just as bored writing about the loop as you were reading about it. Imagine living through it...THE LIFE OF A "G", GLAMOUR AND FAME RIGHT!? Think twice youngstars...


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